Para Marie, nada é impossível!
"properties demands a colder approach. its like being fed up with the euphoria and loss of love, the give and take, and the muddied truth in love and relationships wich can lead to breakdowns in communication, self hatred but eventually growth. [...] Everyone is deserving of love, but to truly crystalize love is to risk jeopardising it with sentiment that seems to go against principles of love such as nurture, support, amendable viewpoints, care, trust. demons hide in these places and must be rooted out before they grow too big to tackle."
[6/6 19:37] Sofia: eu vou te botar dentro de um Moedor de carne
[6/6 19:39] zulu: Que sexy
um dia eu acordei sem nunca ter ido dormir
um dia eu usei meus pulmões pra respirar e pra.
chorar pela primeira vez